Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Show 09

Give something truly original.

Jennifer Sanchez
ny09 #10
mixed media on canvas

Menno Krant
various cigarette pack portraits
mixed media on cardboard

Siobhan Humston
darwins tree 1
mixed media on wood

Gillian Wilson
118 Arthur St
screenprint edition of 10

Gary Clement
acrylic on canvas

Ric Santon
acrylic on book cover

Warmest wishes for a safe and happy holiday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IN THE NEWS - Jensen-Nagle

james v. wrote us-

"Not sure if you all have seen, but Jensen-Nagle is featured artist in my decor mag Canadian House & Home November issue---can't seem to find article online, but I have hard copy or on magazine stands now!
yay local artists!
yay Parts Gallery! "

Thanks James!
- here it is.

IN THE NEWS- Gillian Wilson

See artist Gillian Wilson interviewed for Toronto's weekly alternative Now magazine.

Catch her new series of limited edition screenprints at our annual HOLIDAY SHOW this coming December.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Atlin - Bingham

Inspired by nature and influenced by printmaking, Kim Atlin's oil paintings bring closer the distant landscape in broad strokes and squiggly gestures.

The art work of Meredith Bingham reveals the physical act of painting.
They are the evidence of movement.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harrison - Pickett

Fresh eye-popping brilliance from Jeffrey Harrison and Brooke Pickett

Louisianna-born artist Brooke Pickett's work came into focus soon after witnessing the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina. She begins each painting with a still life composed from common objects put together in uncommon ways and continues to collage and edit as she paints until she finds her way to abstraction. Perhaps, in some way, the only course to begin understanding parts of reality.

Jeffrey Harrison begins each canvas with a line and follows it through a visual onslaught of form and colour to it's poetic end.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Duncan - Geher

A lot can be said with a few well placed brush strokes on raw linen. Judith Geher's large scale portraits burst with life like a garden in springtime.

Murray Duncan's process begins with a vintage medical illustration depicting an anatomical figure, more specifically , the male nervous system. The image is then blown-up, cropped, painted, scratched, and scribbled over with stream of conciousness . Finally, the collage is encapsulted in a resin which acts to perserve the expressive process as well as creating an unpenetrable barrier.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grace - Humston

As I was hanging recent works by Siobhan Humston and Kelly Grace in the gallery this week, I was reminded of a term I heard used in an archictectural context. It describes a perfect little detail that transcends it's mere function and becomes something like poetry. It is called a "moment" .

Kelly Grace's suite of spare but carefully crafted drawings based on film stills from Hitchcock's Rear Window, depicts actress Grace Kelly looking out toward something beyond the frame (offscreen). Yet there remains an inescapeable feeling that it is her that is being watched evoking a tense relationship between the viewer and the viewed.

On the other wall, Siobhan Humston paintings shimmer with light and movement and depth. The 23"x78" Oxygenated painting soars into the microcosm and macrocosm of the universe guided only by senses. They are like images of an harmonious but elusive connection to the natural world around us.

It seems both artists arrive at this moment by alternate paths.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sanchez - Weich

A new two person show is up in the front room at 1150 Queen St East

We are excited about bringing New York based artist Jennifer Sanchez's recent mixed media pieces on paper to Toronto for the first time. We brought her work to the Interior Design Show in February to great acclaim.

Also exhibiting new oil paintings by Toronto artist Kathleen Weich. We've been showing Kathleen's work for 7 years now and her brilliant pallet knife surfaces, thoughtful compositions and shifting colour palette are consistently soul soothing.

This pairing demonstrates the dynamics of abstract painting. Dazzling and urgent, serene and resonant. Sometimes all in one eyeful.