Sunday, April 25, 2010

in the news- The Calgary Journal on Siobhan Humston

Downtown art gallery welcomes returning artist

Written by Leah Brownridge
Friday, 16 April 2010 13:54

A Canadian artist displays latest exhibition at Herringer Kiss Gallery
Vancouver artist, Siobhan Humston, brings nature and art together in her latest exhibition, Presage, at the Herringer Kiss Gallery.

“Nature has always been my inspiration because I’ve always lived in the city," she said. "Even when I’m travelling, I live in cities. Because of that, I’ve had the strong pull for nature that I just can’t get away from.”
For this exhibit, Humston made and used her own pigments to illustrate important issues in the environmental world such as the disappearing of coral reefs and endangerment of honeybees.

“I used pigments that I’ve made myself from various medium grounds (can be found in the form of chalks, silica and marble dusts) and adding water," Humston said. "It acts differently than acrylic, almost like a dye. The different layers create a little bit of magic, especially since it’s dealing with nature and how water and paint work together, it’s just natural.”

Vancouver visual artist; Siobhan Humston; shows her latest exhibit; Presage at the Herringer Kiss Gallery Saturday April 10.
Photo: Leah Brownridge/ Calgary Journal
Humston’s signature style of circular shapes combined with the curvy lines and bright hues were well received by viewers.

Jeremy and Trina Quickfall, who have been to multiple exhibits at the Herringer Kiss Gallery, said they felt Humston’s work was different than her other pieces they have seen in the past.

“I felt it was a bit whimsical, it showed a kind of a chaos in nature theme," Trina Quickfall said. "It’s a nice change from other artwork we’ve seen, it’s just kind of happy.”

Deborah Herringer Kiss, owner of the gallery, explains why they've kept interest in Humston’s work.

“I was immediately drawn to the organic nature of Siobhan’s work and deep rich colours," Herringer Kiss said. "Her work has always been consistent and well received with our clients and we are happy to continue to show her and promote her.”

Incorporating the natural environment with a soft and feminine feel makes Presage stand out from previous exhibits, added Herringer Kiss.

“It differs from her other show in that she is using different materials," Herringer Kiss. "This time she is using mahogany veneer and raw pigment rather than acrylic, so she really experimented with the medium which gives the work a different feel. She’s also thinking about the environment and fragile, yet beautiful, elements in nature."

Humston is from southern Ontario where she studied music and theatre and later fine arts. She earned her fine art degree at Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork, Ireland and currently resides in Vancouver, B.C.

Presage is Humston’s second exhibit at the Herringer Kiss Gallery and will be on display until May 12. The Herringer Kiss Gallery is located at 709A 11th Ave. S.W. Herringer Kiss Gallery is open Tuesdays-Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information visit the Herringer Kiss Gallery website.