Friday, December 16, 2011

IN THE NEWS - Holiday Show

Annual Holiday Show at Parts Gallery

Until Dec. 24, 1150 Queen St. E., Toronto

On the other side of town, Parts Gallery is showcasing works that range in price from $50 to $500, with a focus on Gary Clement’s thoroughly nutty ink-on-paper musings.
The static equivalent of a stand-up comedian, Clement alternates between broad stroke (literally and figuratively) parodies of contemporary mores to quieter, sad-sack-with-a-grin jabs at human frailty, hubris, and the lumpy resignations of adult life. Underneath all his giggling, however, Clement is an assured draftsman, an artist who knows when to zero in and when to spin outward, pinpoint or relax focus. If only he would do a line of cards, he’d make a fortune.

-R.M. Vaughan - Globe and Mail Dec. 16, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Judith Geher - November 10 - Decmeber 4

A new exhibition of paintings.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pictures from the fair - Art Toronto 2011

It was a beautiful autumn weekend in T.O.

Set up day.

Always exciting to get a sneak peek at the work that will be on view in over 100 galleries from around the globe.

Our booth.

So many people taking pictures of pictures.

I was only able to snap a few iphone photos when things quieted down at the end of the day, otherwise attendance was great this year!

Judith Geher, Dianna Witte, Bradley Wood, Ric Santon

Thursday, November 3, 2011

IN THE NEWS- Jeff Depner

RISING – Young artists to keep an eye on!

And these are the artists to watch

They are young, inspiring and challenging. They are surprising and convincing. And they are unmistakable. For all that, the 100 young artist personalities showcased in Daab’s new book project, Rising, do have something in common: their work is already firing great hopes that they’ll occupy commanding positions in the art scene...

Editor Olaf Salié
with a Preface by Prof. Dr. Harald Falckenberg
Design by Meiré und Meiré
German / English
Hardcover with jacket, 24 x 28.7 cm
420 pages, 65,00 € / 90,00 $ / 55,00 £

IN THE NEWS - Bradley Wood

Bradley Wood at Parts Gallery (Until Nov. 6, 1150 Queen St. E., Toronto)

Bradley Wood’s new suite of large oils on canvas illuminates social gatherings and their underlying tensions via a painting style that is loose and fluid (like socializing at its best) but underpinned by anxious, febrile movement (like socializing at its neurotic worst).

-R.M. Vaughan

published OCTOBER 28 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011




I was living in an artist’s loft space in Brooklyn with my wife and newborn daughter when the owner decided to convert the building into a luxury condo. We needed enough space to live and work and found ourselves looking further and further outside metropolitan NY. We ended up settling about 25 miles north, moving into a modest mid-century home in a town filled with bankers and lawyers and diplomats -- the complete antithesis of an artist community, dirty sidewalks replaced with manicured lawns.

The basement became my new studio. I spent hours at a time in my own world, unaware of my surroundings…until every so often, I would come up for air. Many afternoons, I found myself walking among the virtual mansions right outside my door. I began to fixate on them, my imagination going wild as I wondered about the people inside, my neighbors. I returned to my studio and began combining luscious oils and ironic narrative to invite myself into a world that both attracts and repulses me. Whether this world is reality or strictly fantasy, it almost doesn’t matter. They’re the neighbors I’ve come to know.

Originally from Saskatchewan, Wood studied at California Institue of the Arts, Art Center in Switzerland and received his BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design.
He currently lives and works in New York.

Monday, October 3, 2011

inspired fashion

I love this. Fashion house PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND searched across the ocean for inspiration and found Jeff Depner to collaborate with on their Winter/Spring 2012 look.

Jeff Depner - Reconfigured Grid #8

Saturday, October 1, 2011

We are excited to be representing PARTS GALLERY at Toronto's International Art Fair


Drop in and say hello at booth #1106

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jeff Depner - September 16-October 6


Jeff Depner works and lives in Vancouver, BC and is included in a recent publication on international contemporary art
RISING - Young artists to keep an eye on! by daab media
and the Ruby Mag compendium"OTHERWORLDLINESS."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

in memory of Kate

It saddens us to inform you that our good friend and artist Kathleen Wieich passed away this June peacefully among family after a hard fought battle with cancer. Her life was full of intense colour and bold strokes. She will be deeply missed.

1953 - 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Martie Giefert: August 27 -September 14


Martie Giefert's photographs usually begin with a long drive. Upon arriving at his pre-determined location he sets up his tripod and scrupulously documents the chosen view from multiple angles. The negatives are then scanned for digital interface, where they are meticulously re-assembled into a final image. It is then printed and face-mounted to a sheet of acrylic for an unadorned presentation. The finished piece is hung 'floating' off the wall. When viewing the work, all the logistics fade into a calm silence and Gieferts photograph becomes more than a document of a place, but closer to the experience of occupying the space.

Jeffrey Harrison: August 27-September 14

Good Times Roll

Inspired by long summer days at the cottage and good old classic rock, Jeffrey Harrison's new series of paintings stick to your retinas like those catchy tunes on the radio get stuck in your head- "let the good times roll..."