Monday, November 7, 2011

Judith Geher - November 10 - Decmeber 4

A new exhibition of paintings.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pictures from the fair - Art Toronto 2011

It was a beautiful autumn weekend in T.O.

Set up day.

Always exciting to get a sneak peek at the work that will be on view in over 100 galleries from around the globe.

Our booth.

So many people taking pictures of pictures.

I was only able to snap a few iphone photos when things quieted down at the end of the day, otherwise attendance was great this year!

Judith Geher, Dianna Witte, Bradley Wood, Ric Santon

Thursday, November 3, 2011

IN THE NEWS- Jeff Depner

RISING – Young artists to keep an eye on!

And these are the artists to watch

They are young, inspiring and challenging. They are surprising and convincing. And they are unmistakable. For all that, the 100 young artist personalities showcased in Daab’s new book project, Rising, do have something in common: their work is already firing great hopes that they’ll occupy commanding positions in the art scene...

Editor Olaf Salié
with a Preface by Prof. Dr. Harald Falckenberg
Design by Meiré und Meiré
German / English
Hardcover with jacket, 24 x 28.7 cm
420 pages, 65,00 € / 90,00 $ / 55,00 £

IN THE NEWS - Bradley Wood

Bradley Wood at Parts Gallery (Until Nov. 6, 1150 Queen St. E., Toronto)

Bradley Wood’s new suite of large oils on canvas illuminates social gatherings and their underlying tensions via a painting style that is loose and fluid (like socializing at its best) but underpinned by anxious, febrile movement (like socializing at its neurotic worst).

-R.M. Vaughan

published OCTOBER 28 2011