Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grace - Humston

As I was hanging recent works by Siobhan Humston and Kelly Grace in the gallery this week, I was reminded of a term I heard used in an archictectural context. It describes a perfect little detail that transcends it's mere function and becomes something like poetry. It is called a "moment" .

Kelly Grace's suite of spare but carefully crafted drawings based on film stills from Hitchcock's Rear Window, depicts actress Grace Kelly looking out toward something beyond the frame (offscreen). Yet there remains an inescapeable feeling that it is her that is being watched evoking a tense relationship between the viewer and the viewed.

On the other wall, Siobhan Humston paintings shimmer with light and movement and depth. The 23"x78" Oxygenated painting soars into the microcosm and macrocosm of the universe guided only by senses. They are like images of an harmonious but elusive connection to the natural world around us.

It seems both artists arrive at this moment by alternate paths.