Friday, November 7, 2014

Yangyang Pan - Inside Out

Inside Out

Throw a glance out the window, feel the pull. Eyes seek, settle; mind follows, stays. The border between inner and outer zones fades to a blur. Yangyang Pan has done her job. What has been outside comes in. 

As Yangyang Pan curates what nature has to offer, she situates the onlooker as an integral part of her work, for it is the ability to view the landscape that provides the link between seeing, seen and scene. She makes the connection between human and natural elements, to remind us that the landscape is not alone. Indeed, nor are we. Certainly, nature’s work can do without us, but the opposite cannot be said. Heedless, we draw lifeblood from our surroundings, but through artists such as Yangyang, we are made aware of how we are linked intrinsically to the gifts of the natural world.

Yangyang does the heavy lifting. Her emotional viewfinder and her bold use of colour, stroke and texture allow us to see, somewhat clearly, through a degree of abstraction. Cheeky, she makes sure to leave us at a point where we must make our own way to the end of the journey. Although the great outdoors is framed and edited through the artist’s vision, ultimately what we choose to see is up to us.

What is outside is gathered close and absorbed. What is internal to us is set free and reborn in our interpretation. What is inside is out.

Sabine Modder, Editor, Moco Loco

Yangyang Pan, Rain or Shine, Acrylic/Spray Paint/Oil on Canvas

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yangyang Pan - November 6th - 30th

Abstract Landscape No.42

Rain or Shine

Abstract Landscape No.45

A Trail to the Lake


Rain, I Dont Mind

A Room with a View


Looking Glass

Open Window, Open Eyes

Abstract Landscape No.48

Trees Blooming Outside

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bradley Wood: October 9 - November 2

Den of Antiquity, 42" x 29"

Estate Lady, 66" x 55"

 Lounging with Luke, 60" x 65"

Lover Boy, 42" x 29"

Monocle, 65" x 55"

Panthers, 48" x 46"

Red Room, 50" x 60"

Room in the Village, 49" x 48"

Rotary Club Pose, 42" x 29"

Watchers of the Hill, 48" x 50"

West Perch, 44" x 54"

September Group Show

We are pleased to announce a group exhibition introducing New Hampshire artist, Jeremy Miranda, and featuring new work by Ric Santon, Fiona Freemark and Kim Atlin. 

Kim Atlin, Farther Shore, 30" x 30"

Kim Atlin, Day 2 Sunburst, 30" x 40"
Ric Santon, Untitled (Spray Paint Portrait), 20" x 23" (28" x 32" Framed)
Ric Santon, Untitled (Spray Paint Portrait), 20" x 23" (28" x 32" Framed)

Fiona Freemark, Cape Smokey | Nova Scotia, 31" x 21" Framed

Fiona Freemark, Canada Goose | Lake Clear, 13" x 16" Framed

Jeremy Miranda, Costal Overlap, 15" x 14"

Jeremy Miranda, Know Your Garden, 18" x 15"

Jeremy Miranda, Mixed Use, 15" x 14" 

Jeremy Miranda, Paper Architecture, 15" x 14"

Jeremy Miranda, The Old Ways, 18" x 15"

Monday, September 15, 2014

Douglas Walker: Other Worlds @ University of Lethbridge

Be sure to visit Douglas Walker Artist's exhibition "Other Worlds" which is currently transforming the space within the Main Gallery at the University of Lethbridge. 

September 11 - October 23, 2014
For more on the exhibition:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Russell Leng: June 19 - July 13

A graduate of Trinity Western University and recently earning his MFA from Edinburgh College of Art, Leng has been exhibiting his work extensively in Canada, the UK and the US.

Along with a wide online presence, and being shortlisted for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014, Leng's work has landed in several publications including a spread in the Little Paper Planes book, Ruby magazine , Vice, and Canadian Art magazine.

In this  series of new mixed media paintings Leng continues to "explore his curiosities" as he explains in a recent interview with  Richard Schemerer  at PDX Art

I like it when things break or fall apart. I have an ongoing visual photo-log of broken vases, smashed objects, etc. The fragmented version of something is more interesting to me than the whole. Visually, I am drawn to geometric forms and I use these individual "fragments" in my work. My work involves disparate mediums at times (video, installation, painting) so that could tie into fragments as well. Anything from a hockey referee's uniform, to a piece of metal in a hardware store, or the view from an airplane are all little fragmented visual inspirations that I store up in my head or sketchbook which I can access and assemble later on.

Russell Leng, Architecture Drop Out, 14" x 11"

Russell Leng, Crystal Assembly Line, 14" x 11"

Russell Leng, Going to the Beach at Night, 14" x 11"

Russell Leng, Party Pocket, 14" x 11"

Russell Leng, Pep Talk, 14" x 11"

Russell Leng, Search and Rescue, 14" x 11"

Russell Leng, Spotlight, 14" x 11"

Russell Leng, Stepping Down, 14" x 11"

Jeffrey Harrison: June 19 - July 13

Jeffrey Harrison, Feel it All, 72" x 48"

Jeffrey Harrison, Days, 59" x 74"

Jeffrey Harrison, The Deconstructed Cookie, 60" x 48"

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We will be exhibiting new works from our gallery artists at the inaugural LOVE ART FAIR, Toronto's edition of the internationally acclaimed Affordable Art Fair (Amsterdam, New York, Hong Kong). The LOVE ART concept is simple, 50 galleries from around the world will be showcasing art priced under $10,000 with a majority dedicated to works under $5,000.

LOVE ART FAIR will take place from Thursday May 8  to Sunday May 11in Heritage Court at the Direct Energy Center on the CNE fair grounds.

Here are some of the pieces you will see in our booth on opening night.

Yangyang Pan

Yangyang Pan

Yangyang Pan

Bradley Wood

Bradley Wood

Casey Roberts

Ric Santon

Ric Santon

Bradley Wood

Bradley Wood

Kim Atlin

Drew Klassen

Casey Roberts

Christine Flynn

Christine Flynn