Friday, November 7, 2014

Yangyang Pan - Inside Out

Inside Out

Throw a glance out the window, feel the pull. Eyes seek, settle; mind follows, stays. The border between inner and outer zones fades to a blur. Yangyang Pan has done her job. What has been outside comes in. 

As Yangyang Pan curates what nature has to offer, she situates the onlooker as an integral part of her work, for it is the ability to view the landscape that provides the link between seeing, seen and scene. She makes the connection between human and natural elements, to remind us that the landscape is not alone. Indeed, nor are we. Certainly, nature’s work can do without us, but the opposite cannot be said. Heedless, we draw lifeblood from our surroundings, but through artists such as Yangyang, we are made aware of how we are linked intrinsically to the gifts of the natural world.

Yangyang does the heavy lifting. Her emotional viewfinder and her bold use of colour, stroke and texture allow us to see, somewhat clearly, through a degree of abstraction. Cheeky, she makes sure to leave us at a point where we must make our own way to the end of the journey. Although the great outdoors is framed and edited through the artist’s vision, ultimately what we choose to see is up to us.

What is outside is gathered close and absorbed. What is internal to us is set free and reborn in our interpretation. What is inside is out.

Sabine Modder, Editor, Moco Loco

Yangyang Pan, Rain or Shine, Acrylic/Spray Paint/Oil on Canvas

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yangyang Pan - November 6th - 30th

Abstract Landscape No.42

Rain or Shine

Abstract Landscape No.45

A Trail to the Lake


Rain, I Dont Mind

A Room with a View


Looking Glass

Open Window, Open Eyes

Abstract Landscape No.48

Trees Blooming Outside