Friday, July 19, 2013

July at Parts Gallery: Summer Salon Show

Featuring works by Erin McSavaney, Yangyang Pan and Douglas Walker...

Erin McSavaney - Fall 1965 Windermere

Erin McSavaney - Fall 1967 Omineca Valley

Erin McSavaney - Summer 1966 Peace River

Erin McSavaney - Summer 1967 Lillooet
Yangyang Pan - Happy Dreamer

Yangyang Pan - Ivy
Yangyang Pan - Trail
Yangyang Pan - Unpredictable Nature

Yangyang Pan - Winter Hiking
Douglas Walker - A-538
Douglas Walker - A-556
Douglas Walker - R-129

Friday, July 5, 2013

Casey Roberts Interview on Creature Mag's Website

Casey Roberts - Roman Candle, 42" x 42", Cyanotype with enamel and collage.

Great interview with Casey Roberts on Creature Mag's website. He speaks about his process and inspiration. Click here to read the whole article.