Monday, June 18, 2012

Casey Roberts June 21 - July 15

Artist Statement
My work illustrates a fantastic landscape. It represents nature's subtle way of dealing with the peculiar aspects in the relationship with mankind. A giant glow-in-the-dark heart, or a pile of precious gems tells us that we are loved, just as blood squirting from an oak tree trunk says, all is not well. I am inspired by my conversation with the landscape, I imagine long monologues when pine forests make me laugh and mountains test my patience.

My paintings are created with a photochemical process known as cyanotype. The cyanotype is a civil war era process that when exposed to sunlight and developed gives a vibrant blue image. I paint with this light sensitive medium directly on paper or canvas. With everyday items such as baking soda, bleach and peroxide I am able to achieve a range of colors and textures thru controlled chemical reactions. I repeat this process adding many layers until the image is fully realized, often finishing with watercolor painting or a collage element.

It's not as nerdy as it sounds.

 cannonball (a bigger splash)

cyanotype w/gouache on paper
42" x 52 cannonball (a bigger splash)

after lunch our thoughts turned to typography

cyanotype on paper

40" x 52"

island life 

cyanotype on paper
42" x 52"

summer is wasting (incredible rattail) 

cyanotype drawing

42" x 42"

peace and love  

cyanotype w/gouache and glow in the dark on paper

42" x 42"