Wednesday, September 8, 2010



Inspired by a book on the 1st World Fair in 1851 , the curatorial concept for Artificial Kingdom draws on the spirit of the Victorian era, characterised by huge advancements in industry, great inventions and over indulgence.

It was in this period of history when the museum gave way to private collections and adventurers struck out into the untamed world to return home with a bounty of treasures from faraway places. A cabinet of curiosities, or vitrine was a common conversation piece in an affluent household and reflected the attitude and thirst for knowledge of the times.

Fiona Ackerman's multi-layered process blossoms into a lush arrangement of natural wonders from strange and exotic places.

Bradley Wood's masterful paintings offer a glimpse into the world-weary parlours of the cosmopolitan class. The suggested narratives reflect a malaise common of an empire burdened by the weight of their own excess.