Friday, October 9, 2015

Yangyang Pan: Driving Through a Dream


 Dynamic colour, held within striations of movement, texture, and reflective light, ignite the visual velocity of Yangyang Pan’s chromatic Driving Through a Dream. Romantic in language and adventurous in nature, Yangyang’s kaleidoscopic atmospheres are as vitally esoteric as they are ruthlessly present – pulling us, the driver, into landscapes of iridescence that tear the line between tangibility and imagination.

Aggressively saturated spectrums of colour, meticulously brushed in tonal levels of weight and temperature, build shadow and depth in scenes that could be Earthly – like the rainy streets at a brightly lit blue hour or a bouquet of florals beneath a blazing sunset – but not before Yangyang’s pure, visceral motion delivers us from that familiarity. As if caught within a tunnel of light at incredible speed, Yangyang’s loosely formed narrative bursts to life at the corner of each canvas – throwing us, head first, into speckled fantasies of energy and vibration. Contradictions in form trap the eye between liquidity and rigidity, while intelligent colourations forge phantom florals of thick substance in heavily filled space. In a single, visual moment, transcendence and sensation collide beneath the magnetism of Yangyang’s animated universe.

At the cornerstone of the conscious and the unconscious, Drive through Dream sits palpably between the arcane and the distinct. Flickering light and swift colour mark the sound of Yangyang’s collective expression – inviting emotion and humanity into a chrysalis of illusion and nature. Simultaneously, we are both the subject and the catalyst.

-Editor at Large, Fshnunlimited Magazine / Dylan Dias