Friday, August 2, 2019

Carolyn Gavin: New Horizons, August 8th - 31st, 2019



Dianna Witte Gallery is proud to collaborate with artist and internationally renowned illustrator, Carolyn Gavin, in presenting her first solo gallery exhibition. We invite you to join us for an opening reception this Friday August 9th from 7-9PM.

Gavin’s work taps into a desire for art that brings joy to the viewer. Her canvases are filled with a surplus of colour, scenes from nature, and florals. In short: things that make us happy to look at. Gavin eschews straight, rigid, lines, for organic, flowing, shapes that appeal to the free-spirited viewer. 

Gavin has previously collaborated with the Jane Goodall Institute, Harper Collins Publishing, and the Botanical Garden Centre at Harvard University, and more, to bring her art to a wide audience - accumulating over 360k followers along the way. Gavin’s work is aspirational, neatly corresponding with an ethos of living a life full of confidence and energy. 

Gavin’s abstract landscapes are inspired by her wide travels. “New Horizons,” loosely depicts the landscapes of Guatemala, Belize, and the south of France. Gavin uses neon paint to depict fields of colour—because what other colour could do justice to the saturated hues of a landscape when the sunlight hits midday? Vertical stripes portray vegetation, while geometric shapes represent mountains and trees, creating a psychedelic and dreamlike world. Gavin’s work evokes Jeffrey Harrison abstractions and Vera Neumann’s illustrative florals, while at the same time being distinctly her own. 

Dianna was thrilled when Gavin reached out about hosting her inaugural show - it was a natural pairing. Originally from South Africa, Gavin now lives and works in Toronto. The minimalist, sunlit, space of Dianna Witte Gallery is the perfect venue for Gavin’s brightly pigmented work. 
We are pleased to host this milestone event that will allow a venue for people to experience Gavin’s work in real life.